Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Material Girls . . .

PrettyStuff ~ posted yesterday about Kate Spade's mission 
Hand in Hand, ~  an exclusive partnership with 

Visit ~ PrettyStuff's ~ new blog to read more about Kate Spade's mission,
then come right back here and read about MY MATERIAL GIRLS!

Front Door Fabrics

The girls at ~ Front Door Fabrics ~ are not only making a difference in our homes here in Charlotte by assisting us in selecting fabrics, furniture and accessories for our interior projects, but they're also making a difference in the lives of women less fortunate. The girls at Front Door Fabrics have adopted a mission to support ~ Sisters in Service ~ with a vocational women's center in Mali, Africa. The center provides 9 months of training to abused and abandoned women and provides their graduates with a sewing machine of their own to start a business to support their children and provide hope for a better future.

While I gush over imported fabrics on a daily basis, I often forget to look beyond the beautiful colors to the worlds where they are produced. It is heart warming to meet girls in your own community that are sharing their own success in these war-torn countries to make a difference. Front Door has won my business in the past with their well-edited selection of fabrics and the largest selection of pillow forms I've ever seen, but they have now assured me, without a doubt, they are my favorite MATERIAL GIRLS!

sold on ~ Sisters in Service ~
"This is a moving and inspiring collection of personal stories about 
real girls from Asia to Africa surviving violence, abuse, discrimination and injustice . . . 
and the role of God's hand in turning lives of desperation into lives of hope.
 Marshall-Strom and Rickett make the facts and sociocultural realities of their worlds come alive, 
and they challenge us to question our own assumptions about whether or not 
any single person can make a difference. 
. . . Everyone's help is needed to truly end this oppression and abuse." 
Dean Hirsch, president, World Vision International

I know many of you don't live here and can't reap the benefits of having Front Door Fabrics in your own neighborhood, but you can visit ~ Sisters in Service ~ and learn more about how to get involved and how the proceeds from the books sold on Sisters in Service will help bring new life to abused and exploited girls.

Want to meet my material girls?
Mark your calendar for
Girls' Night Out on February 17th from 6-8pm!
An event for just us girls in their shop!


  1. I agreeeeee! THese gals are the best and I am "beautied" by being with them as friends, patronizing their store for my own home,etc. They go beyond the concept of business to enhance women's lives - in Charlotte and beyond. SO glad you discovered them !! -- Tamea

  2. YES!! I've shopped there for year, even before when it was Roger's Brothers, but these girls took it to a completely different level!!!


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