Friday, February 18, 2011

One Beautiful Day . . .

...fabulous models...
...and a great photographer...
I think I'm going to have to paint these two!

Beautiful Day @ ~ Juniper Moon Fiber Farm ~
Shot by ~ Joel Eagle ~

{Susie, hope you guys don't mind me blogging them forward!}


  1. The sheep! So incredibly pretty! Goodness!


  2. Thanks so much for featuring my photos on your terrific blog! I would love to see your painted versions!

    Joel Eagle

    PS: I think I just started saving for the Brown Heron Euro Pillow, it's beyond awesome and as my blog might suggest I do love birds! Thanks again!

  3. Joel! I the one that should be thanking YOU! I will definitely post send you pics when I paint those precious sheep! Honestly, I wish I worked in oils because those pink noses are screaming for a blob of pink oil, but watercolor will have to do...or maybe I should try...we'll see! Thanks for the inspirations!!! I am an avid follower via Susie!!!


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