Sunday, February 20, 2011

Patiently Waiting . . .

Did you know that you can't just walk in and buy yardage at Calico Corners anymore? Not sure what their thinking was on this marketing move, but I think it's a mistake. So, I'm guessing Monroe Road will be frequently traveled straight to the front door of ~ Front Door Fabrics, ~ my favorite interiors fabric source. My new chairs will arrive soon and I'll need to make some decisions on what to do with my sofa (slipcover? reupholster? do it myself? send it out?) and I'll have a pile of pillows to make, new drapes, some paint colors to pick and some furniture to rearrange when hot husband finishes the bookcase...

...I just saw these pillows online @ ~ J.CovingtonHome ~...

I wish they had a better photo of this one.
I think it's beautiful, but can pull this off myself on
the linen I just bought from ~ Front Door Fabrics ~

I wouldn't needlepoint this for $150!
I wouldn't even paint the canvas for that!
I'll be ordering this pillow as soon as my chairs arrive...or sooner!

Now, as for the first two pillows, they're beachy (not to mention pricey for what they are) so not suitable for my suburban castle, but I do recall seeing some great fabrics merchandised with this look @ yes, ~ Front Door. ~

I LOVE the canceled stamp!
I hope it matches my chairs! I can't even remember what 
they look like now...please hurry up and get here!

...and yes, I can make them in any size I want...
Front Door's CRAZY selection of forms!
...ANY size...ANY fill...ANY ideas?...

I'm cursed with the ability to do it myself, so as usual I've got work to do.
I just need my chairs!

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  1. You are so lucky you can sew things yourself. Me in front of a sewing machine is a comedy. I love the canceled stamps. The best!



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