Saturday, February 19, 2011

Round 2 Valentine . . .

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I know, alot of music lately, but I had a really good
Valentine card with lots of tickets!
In our family, that kind of gift is called a...

Once upon a time, someone, a guilty little boy, gave his mom a baseball bat for Christmas and an hour later, asked to borrow get the picture? So husband Jeff gave me lots of concert tickets in my Valentine card. I loved it and I'd say he hit one out of the park with this pair of tickets!


Jill Andrews

We are big ~ Jill Andrews ~ fans!
Have LOVED her since "The Everybody Fields," but haven't 
seen her live since they split. She was AMAZING! last night!
~ The Evening Muse ~ was PACKED and there was lots of screaming!


The last time I saw Jill she was a blonde like in these videos. She's now brunette, but could not have had more fun than we had watching her last night! The previous night in Columbia, her old Gibson literally fell apart in the sound check! But ~ Emily Lynch ~ was her opener and let her borrow hers. The show must go on! And luckily for us, Emily opened at ~ The Muse ~ too.


...I couldn't decide which video to share... here's another that I couldn't leave out...
but if you still can't get enough, 
she's on her way to ~ Down Home in Johnson City, TN ~ tonight


If you live in Charlotte, and haven't been to ~ The Evening Muse
and you like music, well, put your shoes on,  get off the couch and go down 
to NODA! It's no secret that it's the best sound in town!
You'll find ~ Malcolm Holcombe ~ there tonight!
No doubt that will be amazing as well!

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