Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tough Like a Woman . . .

Every season, every year, Vera Wang since 2004 has been rocking the RTW Runway with her flawless understanding of what women's fashion should be. I adore how she pairs rough and tough elements with feminine delicate fabrics. What a woman should be...what we all want to be. Tough but Feminine. She understands that sexy doesn't have to be rude. Her sexy is so smart. Whether its the RTW runway or the chapel isle, I don't think Vera has much competition! 

Images borrowed ~ NYMag: Vera Wang ~

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  1. aaaaaaaaah!! i hope today blogger will take my comment.
    kitten i've been trying my darndest to leave comments (adulations) for the last week, but bully blogger has been blocking me.
    i swear no swear words were used.... :-)
    so happy to find a new friend, a new fancy for my eyes.
    and yes, vera murdered it!


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