Friday, February 11, 2011

Was It A Good Thing . . .

...that I let ~ PrettyStuff ~ watch Oprah 
every day with me when she was little a little girl?
She adored purple dino for her!

She's always been an old soul. She just gets stuff. They shuffled her out of preschool. They said she was "directing traffic" so she skipped the 4s and went to TK instead. I'm guessing she learned it all from Oprah, cuz she's still calling me with quotes like this and complaining about how a certain class may cut into her Oprah time. Glad she posted this one so I could blog it forward. Thanks "Pete," I missed it. I think it's very fitting that this is Oprah's last season and it's PrettyStuff's last semester...good timing O, but who will PrettyStuff's littles watch...

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