Monday, March 21, 2011

Daniella Welmond . . .

Danielle Welmond

"Danielle Welmond's jewels meld the art of the metalsmith with that of the weaver. In an update of a centuries-old European technique, she's perfected a style she calls lace weaving. Her intricate webs of metallic gold or silver cord might entwine a multitude of tiny gems, frame a larger stone or take the place of a chain for a delicate, supremely feminine effect." ~ Sundance Catalog ~

This one needs to be mine!

Now if I weren't totally budget busted with all my interior projects,
these would have to find their way to my jewelry box for my birthday!

See more of Daniella Welmond's work on ~ Sundance
although I think I crushed most of it right here...
go buy yourself something! 


  1. You could SO make that leather it! Let me know when you get around to it and I'll be making a purchase!

  2. hahaha MK, you know me so well! Don't you think all the money I save that husband of mine warrants the purchase of those Twinkle Moonstone Earrings though? hahahaha The crocheted pieces all remind me of the crocheted necklaces I made for PrettyStuff's girlfriends a few years ago...I need to make some more!!! time...need more time!!!


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