Monday, March 7, 2011

Determined To Get This Look . . .

street style

Ok, I know, at my age, this is risky, but I've been saving pictures for spring with this look for weeks now. Something about it has hooked me and I gotta have a sheer-bottomed dress. Remember, I have the dot chiffon... I don't think I can wear it like this...street style, but dressy? Yes, I think (I said think) I can pull this off. Ditch the leather jacket, bootie and giant tote. Add sparkly clutch, and some great heels... maybe in a fun color... I want this...or is it I just want to look cool like this?

image ~ suzandthecity ~ 


  1. i LOVE it and think you could totally pull it off:)

  2. It's a gorgeous look ~ but not sure anyone would feel all that comfortable in this if you were a day over 25.

  3. I hear ya Blue Fruit! But I've just gotta figure out how to make this idea work for this ol' gal. I can't stop thinking that it's a way to wear a longer cocktail dress and not look boring. I've seen several other designers pull this off...I wanna try, maybe my dotted chiffon will work?


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