Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Do You Rue ?

Yeah, Me Too!

I think it was the ~ BEST ISSUE YET!!! ~
I could just crawl right in!

...a few images I can't (and don't want to) shake...

{this is just plain adorable ~ Kriste Michelini ~
it reminds me of an empty decal frame @ ~ PrettyStuff's ~ apartment!}

{I need to make that ~ Anthropologie ~ cardigan}
I'm thinking double stranded ~ Rowan Kid Silk Haze! ~ on 7s or 8s
for a ~ Stitch Poet Wrapigan ~ in stripes like this...
leaner sleeves and ditch the fringe?
Knit Along Anyone?

{this inspires me to do something with the crystal stoppers 
we have at ~ Rooney Robison Antiques
as if I need another project.}

{excuse me...the porcelain bee skep...need!
where can I get that?!}

{and this is begging to be needlepoint!}

I've only shared a smidge of what I saved!
...the project inducing photos...
The Starburst Mirror DIY has me aching to paint ping pong balls!
and the "a handful of DUST" photos are AMAZING!
So, click on over and might I suggest you put 
on your bookmarks bar?!

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  1. yes, it was the best issue evah!! took me close to four hours to pour through...i kept skidaddling to other links which led me further and further away....
    OB-SESSED with Kriste Michelini...and not just because she's a fellow UCLA alum...but we're kindred spirits in our love for coloring things up with a whiter shade of white in our palettes....


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