Saturday, March 26, 2011

I know, I know . . .

I just asked you to ~ turn out your lights ~

"Madeleine has always loved making things since she was a child. She went to Art School to explore drawing, sculpture, photography print and textiles and later found her happiest way of working - making the chandeliers - quite by accident after finding some chandelier glass. She has always worked in the creative field whether as a photographer, theatre prop maker or teacher before working on the chandeliers full-time."

discovered here ~ tales of a junkaholique ~


  1. These are such beautiful and sweet photos of chandeliers! They've got such a romantic charm to each of 'em. :)

    Have a fab week ahead & thank you so much for dropping by! x

    p.s: of course you can steal the handwritten tag! go ahead with it!

  2. OOHHHH! half the fun would be getting tagged, so I will wait patiently here in my little corner of the internet and hope someone saw my wish. Fingers crossed....and no cheating!


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