Monday, March 14, 2011

Just Call Me Granny . . .

~ Honestly WTF ~ posted these pictures today and 
rejuvenated my need, ok desire, for a big ol' giant canvas bag.

I like these two from ~ FreePeople ~

But remember this one?
I styled Hobbs's (aka ~ beatdropping ~) ~ bolsters ~ using
these I should just make my own, right?
I could get all the features I want in a giant bag...
maybe even a little bag inside the big one
for when I don't need to carry 
the whole thing with me...

Although, I'm not sure when that is going to be 
because I usually look like the ~ Beverly Hillbillies ~
when I leave the house.

I am ~ not happy ~ without all my stuff!
(this picture of Granny is sorta scary...I think I kinda look like her...oh no!)

I seriously go to work with three bags!
...a purse...
...a computer/camera bag...
...and my current portable project bag...
...I think I have a problem...

My future in one photograph!

I think I will order this one as my pacifier.

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