Saturday, March 5, 2011

Park & Drive

My friend Cat tried to teach me once how to use a drop spindle.
I wanted my "product" to look like this!
All I can remember is Cat singing in my ear, "Park....and Drive."
I sucked at it. But Cat! I want to try again!

image via ~ holycrapyarnandstuff ~


  1. I really enjoyed it - but man, mine does not look like that!! Let's do again together!!

  2. yes please! but I need to find some great roving so it will look like this! I bet Debbie can hook us up with that!!! Or...we can just buy Noro and knit hahahahah

  3. It's on my "make-time-for-this list" but I gotta remember where I stashed my little twirly thingy!


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