Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ah HA !

Remember this cardigan from ~ Do you RUE ~
I've not seen it yet on ~ Anthropologie ~ as ~ RUE ~ reported I would...
But I did just bookmarked it on ~ Free People ~

Now, unless you have the knitting disease like I do, you might want to go ahead and order it and release your inner love child! It's only $178 and I promise you'll have at least that invested if you use ~ Rowan Kid Silk Haze ~ and count your hourly investment. It's no small, instant gratification project.

I think I have yarn for this little number too!
I might make mine a little more A-line and a little less huggy.
How about ~ Noro Taiyo ~ in color #20

I've got 3 skeins!
and can add some bias cut cotton fabric remnants!
Groovie! Right?

Peace Out!
See you tomorrow!
Lots of posting going on in my Tumblr!
Swing by!



  1. i could totally see you wearing that dress but I think you would probably class it up a bit with some pearls:)

  2. haha Reeve, you know me so well, but some people might say "over accessorized" I've already cast on...crocheting...a little more open than the one pictured...I hope I have enough yarn!


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