Tuesday, April 19, 2011

At The End of My Rope . . .

I just saw these rope boat bumper stools on ~ The Zhush ~
I think they'd be great in my family room!
I need a foot stool that is easy to move around and tuck away
when we're not using it. I might need two...

Rope Stool

...So I did some searching and I found these, 
but they're NOT as inexpensive as I thought they'd be.
I won't be getting two of those.

I loved this larger hemp pouf from West Elm.
It's bigger so maybe I'd only need one, 
but it's no longer available.
...Double Dang...

...but then...

Good ol' Pottery Barn to the rescue!

These are @ ~ Pottery Barn
for only $89-$99 each
...I'm a tape measure away from placing my order...

can you believe these suckers weigh 25 pounds?!

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