Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Solid Crush !

...See that concrete table...
ok, so it's not a concrete table, but it looks like one.
...metal maybe...
I can't tell, but I want it.'s why...

...would you come?...

image ~ houzz ~


  1. I would!! Now if only it would stop raining and I could enjoy the outdoors somewhere like this!

  2. Whoa! Liz, you'll have a hike all the way to Chlt, but I'd pick you up @ the airport if you bring that cute family and all your cute friends too! We'd have a grand ol' time...but let's get hothusband on board with my concrete table...we were just outside (wine glass in hand) discussing our visions for our back yard... HotHusband: porch. (that's right "period") NotSoHotWife: porch, fireplace, pretty little Japanese Maple, concrete table under the Pear Trees, oh and stepping stones to the oh so elegant know the little one with grass right up to the edge....You're still coming right Liz?

  3. :D I think I'll show HotHusband who's coming and maybe he'll get on board y'all!


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