Saturday, April 16, 2011

Three Things Added . . . if I had time or somewhere to go...
I've added a few more things to my "I-needwant-to-make-this" list.
I know, I know, I've got a ba-zillion projects started that need 
to be finished, but a girl's gotta have a LIST(s) doesn't she?

1. Fun-slouchy-giant-needles-make-in-a-day-sweater!
2. sweet linen shorts with sash.

(I've got these giant balls of t-shirts that I cut and rolled.
I've got white and grey...wonder if there's enough?
I was going to make necklaces, but maybe the white 
has finally found a project home.)

and 3. All dressed up with nowhere to go...

(Well, I am attending the ~ Room to Bloom ~ festivities and this would be oh so beautiful 
at the fashion show even though it's not OdeR or very "springy-bloomy" (that's not my style),
but, ouch, it's $1,300! I won't be going anywhere in this! (said hothusband)
I'll just have to file it under "make-it-yourself" 
and find somewhere else to go.)

Jason Wu for TSE via ~ Neiman Marcus ~

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