Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Tosco Music Party . . .

...was, as usual, a blast...
we were out really late last night,
up really late this morning,
and running late all day.

But it was worth it!

You can get tickets to the
 ~ Beatles Tribute Night ~ on June 18 @ the Knight Theater
and the next ~ TMP ~ is September 10 again @ the Halton Theater
Will I see y'all there?

Which was my favorite performance?
I had two faves, but they had something in common,
BOTH featured my friend, Reeve's song birdy self!
...She sang with...

Live and Silly CD

Where the heck were they when I had to listen to Raffi?
They need their own TV show!
Seriously Fabulous kids' stuff!!!!!!!!!
I love you REEVE!

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