Monday, May 9, 2011

Pile It On . . .

My mom saves me all her of catalogs and every time I visit, we pour over them with our coffee in the morning. There was a new one in the pile this trip and as I started to tear out the pages, I realized that I was going to tear every one, so I just brought the whole thing home with me. Then, of course, I ended up on their website and building a wish list...

From ~ Bedding ~

to ~ Furnishings, ~

 ~ lighting ~ to the ~ floor ~'ll find rugs, gifts, fabrics and more...

I thought this was the ~ sweetest baby blanket ~
I've ever seen and can't wait for someone
to have a baby so I can gift this!

Remember the 2 seagrass poufs I wanted?
Good things come to those who wait!
Replace one of those poufs with one of these ~ cubes! ~

...their ~ Paint Palate ~ is irresistible...
yes, I did tear this page from the catalog for 
my inspiration board!

They promise a ~ Bazaar ~ update on May 21st!
Of course that's ~ PrettyStuff's ~ graduation weekend,
so I'll have to sneak a tiny minute to check out the finds, because
from the looks of the previous items available, they won't last long!

...and if that's not enough...

...check out the sale pages...
...I found another fabulously priced baby gift...

Visit their website!
You are assured your very own crush list!


  1. I LOVE it ALL! Thanks for sharing:)

  2. I totally crush on daughter is expecting a little boy and the baby blanket is a must order tonight!!


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