Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's No Secret . . .

...that one of my favorite blogs is ~ Honestly WTFI think my favorite thing about it is how they balance their posting. There's a perfect balance of fashion you just picture yourself wearing wishing you had the body to wear could afford and fashion you actually buy. And,as you would have guessed,what usually tips the scale in my direction, is the ~ DIY Posts ~ with fashion you can WTFUY (whip the heck up yourself). I loved seeing her past projects combined in the last picture!

That is what the arms of the kids 
would look like if had to run a little "Champ Camp" this summer!

Remember this one?

And these were my all-time faves!

Their ~ Friendship Necklaces ~ are so fun!

I might even talk ~ PrettyStuff ~ into a little crafty porch day while we're on vacation.
(but, I'd better add taupe floss to my shopping list if I think that will happen!)

I'm guessing there will be some of these supplies packed in
my project bag for our annual trip to New England in a few weeks.
They would actually make a pretty good "car project" for the ride up...
Pretty portable, I think, and I could probably have an arm full 
by the time we arrived that would be fun to wear 
and embellish while we were there...

If you're reading this in a Reader, don't forget that I keep a little running link list in my ~ sidebar ~ for DIY projects. I'm off to add the ~ friendship bracelet ~ to that list right now! UGHHH and then eat my Cheerios and finish painting the family room. Home Depot, here I come...I should probably grab my ~ hex nuts ~ while I'm there!

Splatter overalls Vogue
(wonder when my painting crew is going to arrive?)

And don't forget the ~ GIVEAWAY ~ only 3 more days to play!


  1. I made the friendship necklace...SO cute and easy! I'm in love with it, wear it all the time! Ya'll could whip one up in no time!! xo

  2. MK! I made one when I first saw that post, but gave it away at a party! It got passed around so I drew a name and gave it away!!!! So Fun!

  3. the friendship necklaces are definitely my fav too! Still jealous of your car crafting - dang carsickness:(

  4. Oh I LOVE your blog! Thanks for stopping by All the Best! x


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