Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Contribution to the Discussion . . .

I'm sure you've all heard about, or read, the ~ online discussions ~ about all the new online magazines and of course the bloggers have united in support of "their girls!" What would we do without you ~ Matchbook, Lonny, HighGloss & Rue? ~ I for one, read them all, love them all for different reasons and that even varies from issue to issue. I think it's the same with print magazines too...but now, with the addition of blogs and online magazines, I've given up all my subscriptions keeping only one fashion and one interiors subscription at a time and switching yearly. And frankly, let's be honest, it's for the coffee table y'all...Of course you can't love everything cover-to-cover, but you don't love it all in print either. Their subscriptions are down, but instead of criticizing the online gals, they should just do what they should be doing and raise their own bar...get to work people. Give us a reason to want your paper on our coffee tables!

So, to all of the bloggers and magazine editors online,
no matter what the NYTimes says,
I will continue to...soak you all up like a sponge!

{video-LaMont Dozier-Cool Me Out}
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  1. I too enjoy all these sources of inspiration - be that a printed magazine, a blog or an e-zine. There is a place for all and it is sad to read an article with such sarcastic undertone by such an esteemed news paper. It made NYT feel more like a tabloid than a broadsheet..

    x Charlotta


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