Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sea Glass vs. Shells . . .

image ~ seaglassartbychar ~

We go to the New England coast every year,
and while most southerners are combing for shells, we're hunting sea glass.
Finding the first blue piece of the season is a family goal.

...I've always wanted a piece of seaglass jewelry...
I love these by Maine jewelry artist, ~ Lisa Hall. ~

I also LOVE the smooth worn beach stones.

photograph ~ tyler westcott ~

My son took the shot in my header a year or two ago,
but we take the same picture every year as we're always amazed
that the formation is still there. I keep thinking that a winter storm
is going to take the sand and little rock away somehow...
I don't get it. How does it stay like that year after year?!

image ~ econesting ~

HandyHusband says that a stone with a vein that goes all the
way around will bring you good luck all year.
We have bowls of them!

image ~ huamao ~

image ~ econesting ~

While searching for the ringed stone picture,
I ran across this garden gate on ~ EcoNesting ~
Looks like Westport!

I should order this book ~ amazon ~
image ~ Remodelista ~
...and need to do this in Westport and @ home...

While my heart belongs to sea glass and stone hunting,
I have to admit the thrill is there 
when we're at the beach in the south and
find a beautiful shell, starfish or sand dollar!







(via onceuponawildflower)
image ~ la-belle-vie ~

Now our stash is never this pretty, 
but we have come home with a sand dollar or two!

Sand Dollar Floral Print
image ~ layoutsparks ~

image ~ marthastewart ~

I hope you have a simple, fun family tradition.
I'll keep you posted on our hunt this year.

image ~ suzs ~

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