Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mauve Is Still Mauve . . .

Even with a ~ Michael Kors ~ label stitched to it.
MK is usually on the top of my favorites list of most
inspiring and most wished for, 
but not Fall 2011.

There was a yucky mauve color that was called "dusk." Maybe they thought we wouldn't notice that it's still mauve. These are the only two things I liked, but I'm sure I'd blow out the knees in those cashmere leggings in about an hour and they'd be all droopy... Plus, I think I'd better stick with black on the ol' legs. Love the cashmere dress and the black hooded cape! Couldn't bring myself to post the mauve here... it's a visual thing, sorry, but I picked my "favorite" one and stuck it in the ~ CuldeSac ~ for you... 

Is this the appropriate time to say, "I'm just sayin'!"

Oh yeah, and ~ CrushCuldeSac, ~ my little after party for Crush Party on Tumblr, got a new look, so if you hate mauve enough to not click through, use this ~ link ~ and see it all. I finally found a template that kept the same page layout, but let me easily customize! YAY! No more burgundy bar! (Which by the way ~ Ken Downing ~ is calling "Bordeaux" so we won't notice that it's burgundy. Clearly I will be making my own clothes again this fall. ~ PrettyStuff ~ and Rooney Robison Antique's ~ StyleFile ~ got all dressed up with a new page too. We're all looking so fancy...

images ~ Neiman Marcus ~

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