Monday, July 18, 2011

The Purse That Killed The Wallet . . .

Neiman Marcus ~ reports that one of 
Fall's hottest trends will be the hand-held handbag.

This has been one of my favorites for, well, ever! I have a great leather "doctor's bag" satchel that HandyHusband gave me over 25 yrs ago and I still carry it! ~ PrettyStuff ~ stole my college Ghurka No.65 and I'll never get that back. I love all of these bags for one reason or another, but...

...this one had me at first click...
That is until I saw the price! OUCH! I have an old carpet bag
that is the perfect shape, but the zipper makes it hard to get into.
I could live with that if I could pull off covering it and making
it at least feel like a Valentino?! I'm willing to try!
Tandy Leather,~ here I come!


  1. Ouch indeed! To be perfectly honest: if I did have that money to spend on a bag, it wouldn't be that one...Only if I had that kind of money to spend on a new bag every season ;-) xo

  2. Ouch is right! I LOOOOOOVE handbags. These are nice, but not that nice.

  3. You silly girls, you know I would NEVER spend that kind of money on a bag! (I'd like to keep my and my husband!) My motto: If I can't make I really don't want it. Just inspired by the shape and the hide!!


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