Monday, August 22, 2011

Are You Ready For Some Football ?

(fan image ~ HERE ~) 

Personally, I'm not quite so enthusiastic when it 
comes to game day...

But I could get excited over this ~ Panther Scarf.~ 
I'm not much on watching sports, 
unless you want to talk about ~ PBR Bullriding! ~ 
But there's a lot of buzz around this town about the ~ Carolina Panthers ~ 
and if you're going to the games, I think you need to order this scarf! 
Look, his little nose is even the right color! 

Let me know if their shipping takes forever and how much. 
I'm always scared to order things from across the pond, 
but their fall catalog is scrumptious! 

(most of which I can just make myself if i could find the time!)
(How about Berroco Voyage)

All of the scarves I'm pulled to this year 
are wider and more like a blanket. 
Perfect for football weather! 

(This looks woven, but would be an easy knit!


I love the embellished bags! 
This Antik Batik coin clutch is wonderful with the 
pom-pom embellishment! 

(Maybe from Rowan's so light weight and smooshy wonderful!
It's currently my favorite yarn and In The Loop reports they've got a new chunky version
that I can't wait to get my needles into!)

Most of the knits and sweaters, 
I did what I always do, 
"I can just make that for me!" 
But I can't make shoes...yet!


My clog fetish has not diminished. 
I need to replace my Uggs and my Clogs so...
You know what I'm thinking! 
Kill two shoes with one purchase! 

Don't miss the HOME section as you browse their website! 


I'm crazy about this basket set! I really really want them! 
And this doorstop is begging me to make him! 

Last but not least and surely something to be cast onto my needles 
as soon as possible, ADORABLE wool snood by Jago! 
LOVE the yellow and the pink combo! 
(I bet we can find a good combo in Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande or Spud & Chloe Outer
It's washable and dryable and the color palate is perfect for fun projects like this! PrettyStuff, pick your combo!
MaryRives, how about Carolina Blue and White?! Julia, Black & Gold GO TERRIERS!)

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