Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fashion's Spielberg . . .

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You've seen the images over and over. 
You've torn and pasted the pages in your inspiration file. 
Watching this video confirms that it's not a waste of time. 
I have no doubt that all visually inspired people do this, but 
I also have no doubt that few translate what they've torn as well as 
~ Tim Walker
...quite possibly the most talented fashion photographer to date...
...Vogue's very own Spielberg...

 In Fashion, Tim Walker / an interview by Penny Martin / June 2009 

Got 15 more minutes? Visit SHOWstudio to view this interview entirely.'s worth it, I promise...go on...

Do you understand "the scent?" 
do only what you LOVE and "you'll never get lost." 
Thank you Mr. Walker, we have "been touched" by your photographs!

There are books available for ~ purchase here ~ and ~ hereand if your budget allows, ~ here! ~ You would have to consider this last book an art purchase, because it is... 


  1. No Comments yet on this???!!!!!! OMG! I am blown away! Sooooooooooo outrageously creative and from saving all these photographic bits in plastic sleeved books........ Amazing........Thanks Ms Bubbles!Maryanne xo

  2. Whoops, had a typo and I hate a typo!

    Maryanne! Don't you just want to go be creative now? Of course, all I did was go out with PrettyStuff today and buy 3 very pretty dresses! I knew he was amazing, but honestly, I never knew that he styled all the shoots that way. It is always so inspiring to actually see where they start to simmer. AMAZING! Just when I start to feel all crafty, something like this puts me in my place...


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