Monday, August 8, 2011

It's Twisted !

Nick Hood (Garden Designer) and wife Julieann Worrall Hood (Sculptress)

"Passion, energy and nature seem to be the hallmarks of the work of
Nick Hood and Julieann Worrall Hood: the bounding force of the hares,
scooping up the landscape, the swirling energy of the mosaics and tapestries,
 the exuberant, extravagant planting, breaking out of rigid formality, the
organic development of both."

Extract from `Julieann and Nick’s Marriage of Two Arts` feature article by 
Rose Eva in Wiltshire Life Magazine, May 2008

Do you Remember when I posted about the workshops
@ ~ Les Soeurs Anglaises ~ in the South of France?
Well, I've added another workshop to my wish list!

Early October 2012

WILLOW & WIRE:  Julieann will show participants how to develop the inspiration of local flora and fauna, as well as employing found objects, to weave small willow and wire sculptures. Originally a graduate in Tapestry, Juliean now teaches her unusual technique of beautiful undulating hand weaving and is regularly commissioned to make large and small sculptures for public and private spaces.  

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