Monday, August 15, 2011

So Kewel . . .

2008, 22 x 12 x 12
Mixed Media Commission

"How to Float"
Gouache, Micro Pen, Pencil, Fabric Paint, Found Objects, Thread, Paper.

"The Breath"
2007, 24 x 30
Gouache, Thread, Micro Pen, Pencil, Found Objects, Paper

I ran across this artist today on ~ Joetta Maue's Blog ~ Joetta's fiber art inspires me so, but today, she posted Julie Peppito's work. I believe this is a visual of how a kid's mind, with an over-active imagination, works. I know this because I have one one of those in my house! 

I, along with half of y'all, link to ~ PrettyStuff,~ my daughter, on a daily basis, so y'all know how talented she is, but I've promised you I'd give Hobbs, my son, equal time and post ~ his artwork.~ Now's the perfect time, don't you think. 

I love his doodles and his ink drawings! 
This one's my all-time fave. It's a big piece and I need
to get this framed even though it's gonna break my budget.

"Brown Haze Miasma" 
2010 NC Gold Key 

This is a small part of a larger, award winning project.
The finished project is still at his high school. (We think!)
We need to go get this, it's wonderful and should hang in his room.

"Why So Serious"
I know, it's dead on right?

"American Superheros"
Boys will be boys!

This one's a "doodle in progress." I LOVE THIS ONE! I wish you could see it in person. Click the image and make it full screen or save it and magnify it. It's fun to really look at this one. You'll be amazed at what you'll find. Unfortunately, I haven't seen him add anything to this in awhile...

He's too busy being creative on his music blog...

I hope y'all enjoy my kids as much as I do!
Hobbs will be heading back to school soon, but Patterson
will be here until she finds her dream job. I know I should want
this to happen soon, but I am enjoying having her home so much.
We ran off to see "The Help" today...more about that later!

Love, The Shameless Bragging Mom


  1. WOW! I love everything here!! Can't believe what Hobbs can do...amazing:)


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