Monday, September 5, 2011

Scope It Out . . .

Have you seen this?
I love this kind of thing, but I'm not sure mine are correct...
If you know me, what do you think?

I picked 6 colors, cuz...well, I like a lot!
Then I read the ~ Paper Source ~ post 
and followed their directions...

Moss and Pool 
are truly my favorite colors if you make me pick from this chart. 
What are yours and do the descriptions fit?
Do mine? hmmm...You tell me!

Another question...
Are the clothes hanging in your closet 
a different color palette than your home?


  1. mmm...well..the clothes in your closet don't quite match..but most of the descriptions definitely do! You do have great strength and conviction in your beliefs..and are always up for an adventure!!! The first part of "pool" is right..not so sure about the second part...don't think you need advice in your "love relationship." You know he's cute...and stillwant to kill him!!!! Pool was one of my choices too!! So all in all good choices.


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