Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Whoooo Do You Love ?

...I love this little felted owl and...
...these tiny little acorns...
In the mood for felting after this weekend at the Knitting show!
I got some handspun curly mohair with tiny beads.
What in the world will I do with that? hmm


  1. LOVE that owl and really LOOOOOVE those acorns...maybe we should have a felt acorn party:)

  2. I knew you'd like them! i made my first hexipuff...noro silk garden sock...I think I gotta have some cashmere or alpaca!

  3. My Mom has the acorns! She adores them, they are too cute. I'm thinking she might need an owl too!

  4. I'll start mine next week...after I get my paycheck:)

    How does the noro look? Is it soft enough? I SO WANT A NORO BLANKET:)


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