Saturday, October 22, 2011

Gimme Some Skin . . .

All I really need is a new wallet, but you know what happens when I go searching. I think I want a pretty vintage, slightly loved, skin clutch to use as a wallet. I carry about 3 bags with me when I leave the house and I need to be able to just grab my wallet to run in at any given errand destination. But, that's not the point... These Prada bags have me really wanting. 

...I love the skin...
...I love the shapes...
...and I always love a little furry something, but the price...
...MY LORD... 

I don't think I would ever buy a real Prada bag...and couldn't bring myself to buy a fake, Prada for me. I'll keep searching for the perfect vintage clutch, cover the dhurrie rug handbag that HandyHusband TerminallyTidyHusband put in the attic and I completely forgot I owned (what was I thinking?) with some fur from the flea market. I tossed the little satin wristlet in the picture because even Prada pulls a knock-off every now and then. Kate Spade did this years ago and I've made plenty for PrettyStuff to tote to formals. 

Images via Neiman Marcus just in case you want to afford the real thing:
Prada Python Frame Bag - $4,450 (who's really buying this bag?)
Prada Python Zip-around Wallet - $595 (there's a much less expensive Zara version)


There's my clutch! There's the wallet!
I could have them both for less than $110
and put them both in this for a total of about $255!

All with free shipping to boot! 
(don't get me started on the boots I want!)
Do you think TerminallyTidyHandyHusband 
will understand all the money I've saved him?

Y'all have a great weekend!


  1. OMG! Okay, 1) Love ALL of these. And 2) Since when can you order from Zara?! This is going to do a little damage to my wallet!

  2. hahaha No worries MK, you're not too far in the dark! It's just been since September I think. And I know what you mean about damage to the wallet, but it really is reasonably priced and with free shipping YAY xo


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