Monday, October 3, 2011

Color My World !

I think Leslie Sinclair has certainly figured out the 
KEY to BEAUTIFUL design and because I have
an insanely busy week ahead and behind me,
I've decided to extend HER BOOK GIVEAWAY.

If you've not visited Segreto's website, please take a moment 
to click in and get inspired. Personally, I need to redecorate
my entire home after my visit! This is my inspiration for
my very needy guestroom!

This coffee words!

Maybe I should just move to Houston so I can have Leslie color my world.

For now, I'll have to settle for THE BOOK.
The Resource Directory in the back is worth a million bucks!
The pages, all 300 of them, are priceless!
From the embossed linen cover to the satin page marker,
this book is by far my favorite and most useful
interior design book that I've ever owned,
but my to-do list is now staggeringly long...thanks Leslie!

Follow Leslie and CrushParty on Facebook or her blog
for chances to win your own copy! It's surely worth a click or two!

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  1. I following her now. I just found my dream kitchen in them there photos!


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