Friday, October 28, 2011

Reunion Time . . .

PrettyStuff just left for her first Wofford Homecoming as an alum!
The stories of Homecoming were always so fun, but I can't
even imagine how much fun they are going to have
as alumni at their first official HOMEcoming!

So, as I reflected back to her graduation,
I realized I never shared the graduation gifts
we made for 12 VERY SPECIAL GIRLS!

We started with 13 (cuz PrettyStuff needed one too) bottles of wine
and stripped them of their labels.

I spent a month of Sundays painting each
little portrait while PrettyStuff
composed the "message in the bottle."

There was a little typo, but we didn't fix it 
because it was so appropriate.
See if you can find it.
(you 12 girls can't play this game since you know)

We added an award sticker to for an honorary KD.
There was no way we were going to leave one
of the gang behind just because she went 
astray and then found her way!

We then added 13 pair of faceted chalcedony earrings
because I need a little twinkle on everything.

They made quite a special gift!

...And so now it's their first Homecoming...


(and yes, I can help you with this!)


  1. They are so special, what a great gift! Love the little portraits. I'm just annoyed that I couldn't spot the typo, I'm generally quite good at that kind of thing ;-) Have a lovely weekend xo

  2. I love this! What an amazing gift. I wish I did something like this for my friends when we graduated. I went to Clemson, by the way, not too far from Wofford!


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