Monday, October 31, 2011

Wait, Let Me Grab My Cardigan . . .

How many times have you said that?
About umpteen-gazillion, right?

Here's my most beloved Cardigan that is circa 1977, I think.

...bless it's heart, look at the neck edge and the cuff...

Yes, this is sad, but yes, I still wear it.
I know, gross, right? 
I keep meaning to cover the edges with leather or something.
I know I will one day just to keep from throwing it away.

Speaking of CARDIGAN, have you seen this?

I might even wear the sparkly shorts!

Lynne says, "The cardigan is a subconscious essential in every woman's wardrobe. Its utility is limitless. It's the item you take on a plane, throw in a bag or keep on the back of your office chair. A CARDIGAN can change an outfit in an instant, dress you up or dress you down and, most of all, keep you warm. It can be worn as a sweater, jacket, suiting or outerwear. There's the everyday staple, the beat up favorite [see, everybody has one] and the one we wish we could replicate [same as before mentioned favorite] or buy instantaneously in every color. CARDIGANS are timeless and sentimental. We all have a bunch in our closets that have been there for years - holes and all -   because we just can't seem to give them up.[mine is total living proof!] They're reliable, cozy and help us hang onto our best memories, and we can always justify the need for another."

Well now, Lynne, I couldn't have said it better myself!

Lynne Hiriak's line is more than CARDIGANS though,
I'm dying for this sweatshirt dress...

and I don't think I've ever met a polka dot I didn't love...

sparkle too!?

This my dear readers, is why I knit!
You can't have everything...where would you put it?

I guess I can't make everything either, so I need a little sale...
Help me out...When CARDIGAN reaches 3000 likes on
FACEBOOK they'll post a $25 Code for online orders!

Go on over and LIKE 'em!

How old is your favorite sweater?


  1. I have an old creme cardigan with a hole in the back of it. It's my around the house, writing, cozy sweater & i love it to pieces- literally!

  2. We love your post -- We think your beloved cardigan is just PERFECT!

    PS the Elysse Sweater and dress you posted is 40% today until Sunday with the promo code elysse40!!

    XOXO Team Cardigan

  3. @Team Cardi...oh now you've done it! Really need to get out my calculator now and whittle my wish list carving room for my Elysse Dress!!! Off to do some math! MUAH XXOO


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