Monday, November 7, 2011

The Buzz on Baubles . . .

I can't remember if I've shared my earring theory with you.
Here's my buzz about the baubles we hang in our ears:
...A girl really only needs 4 pair of earrings...

1. Some nice thin Elegant Hoops Earrings
(handy husband gave me these 20 years ago)
2. Tiny Huggie Hoops Earrings
(snitched these from PrettyStuff when she was 12 and refused to wear hoops)
(among other diamond accessories :b)
4. And Pearl Studs Always 
(i bought these fun ones at Anthro the other day)

And as many drops as you can stash in your
jewelry box!

These are my newest favorite HOOP EARRINGS
to pair with my personal stash of drops!
I love the way they snap closed 
and the setting is perfect.

Click through and visit Anjolee 
if you find yourself needing some Diamond Earrings
and email me if you find yourself needing something
to dangle from them once they arrive!

(bead sculpture...a work in progress)

...Go dressy with diamonds... 

...Sporty with Huggies or on a chain...

...Big Baubles or Small...

It's almost party season!
Get your sparkle on!

Thanks Anjolee, for all the custom Diamond Jewelry attention
to get my hoops just right!

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