Monday, November 7, 2011

Crack Me Up !

...this is my favorite bargain of late... 

I got 2 of these Crackle Glazed Ginger Jars for the bookcase in our bedroom. I thought they were cool, and heck, for $24 I could nest them in even if they weren't all wonderful when they arrived. The price scared me a little...I was afraid they'd look cheap.

First of all, the first batch arrived broken and chipped, but their customer service sent me two additional jars immediately and I did not have to return the broken ones! They are 15" tall, 9" wide and so heavy...VERY COOL! They'd make great lamps, but they look great on HandyHusband's bookcase! If I ever finish my pillows, I'll take pictures and show you the whole room. It's comfy cozy with all my favorite colors!

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