Friday, November 11, 2011

Pops of Color . . .

All images collected in my tumblr,  Beautiful Painting: Andre Kohn

images collected in my tumblr, irresistible sketch by marc johns

frog. keyhole, kors, fashion, gypsy

hydrangea, china , eyelet, Diane Johnson Painting, Pins

My PINTEREST made it easier to link these last two collages, but the first two...not so much... I hate that! Most of those pics are older saves and were hiding in my computer. If you know the source, please share it with me so I can credit! I don't use Pinterest much, I save most images that I don't use here first, in THE CUL de SAC on Tumblr, and pin lots of recipes...oink!

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  1. I can't even decide which I like best! All so pretty. :)


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