Saturday, December 17, 2011

Every Girl's Dream . . .

Most girls just want to wear Chanel.
I want to make it!

This show took my breath away...

image: PleaseMagazine by Olivia da Costa click through for more!

image: PleaseMagazine by Olivia da Costa click through for more!

...there's no way to wear Chanel and not feel like a Princess...
...Every tiny detail...
...Every girl's dream...

Images via Chanel unless noted
and seen first on HonestlyWTF,
my favorite daily email!

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  1. Ok I have to tell you I am absolutely in love with your Tumblr. That's how I found your blog, and can I just say you have phenomenal taste?! I love everything you post. Now, seeing your blog, I can't help but feel the same way about it as well. I love Chanel, and I agree, wearing it makes you feel like a princess. Thanks so much for all the inspiration you provide! I am glad to be your newest follower.




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