Friday, December 16, 2011

See This Little Guy . . .

So glad this semester is over and Hobbs comes home today.
He's 20 now, and although he did participate in "No Shave November"
to raise money for MANA, this is still the best mustache he's ever made!

Wasn't he adorable?
Caught in the act...gathering up all of PrettyStuff's
Barbies stripping them as fast as she could 
scream and put their clothes back on.
Of course the noise is different now.
They still pick on each other, but they are the best team.

So, what's my favorite thing about the holidays??


(couldn't resist the label "Look What I Made," my best work ever, don'tcha think?)


  1. How adorable...and for sure the best thing about Christmas is having our daughter, son in law and new Grandson, Will, home...can't wait!!

  2. Love this post! So sweet...glad everyone is home for Christmas.


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