Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Don't Blink !

I do not know a single fiber artist, 
or any girly girl for that matter,
that could turn and walk away without touching these
from ~ BHLDN ~

I could not even blink! 

this one's my favorite!

~ Danseuse Earrings ~
Ok these are not crocheted, but the singed ribbon is beautiful.

~ Monarchial Cuff ~

~ Trussed Twinkles Earrings ~

~ Possessed Prize Ring ~


  1. BHLDN is opening in Chicago on Valentine's Day and I cannot wait! That queen anne's lace cuff is just breathtaking.

  2. @Nicole I was going to write just "store opening envy" but really, it's "whole city envy!" Come back and report how wonderful it is!!!

  3. Is it weird I am not even engaged? Hahaha! But my friend is, so I am using her as my beard to go check it out. I will definitely come back and report. After seeing your posted items, it made me even more excited!

  4. @Nicole! I've been married for almost 26 years and I'm pretty sure you and I could find something there that does not require a wedding. Some of the dresses are great cocktail clothing and the jewelry, see, is not just for brides. Now go gethcherself a fiance so you can go peek at the wedding dresses :)

  5. I am literally obsessed with BHLDN. The amount of detail and depth in each item they produce is unrivaled. Oh I hope I can afford to incorporate some of their things into my wedding (ONE DAY! :))



  6. @sampenner It's enough to make me want to get married again, but I'll settle for PrettyStuff's wedding one day!

  7. Thank you so much.
    Didn't know this amazing stuff!!!
    Warm hugs, eliana


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