Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Feeling A Little Lost ?

{Miami Photographer: Craig Denis via Houzz}

Well, my search is over.
I still haven't found the source for my wallpaper in the upstairs hallway, but I now know what I want over the fireplace in the family room or in the two empty spaces on the wall over the painted HandyHusband bookcase. We got in a few maps in our last shipment from England @ Rooney Robison Antiques, but they went flying out the front door with designers about two seconds after we got them tagged and on the floor, but it sent me hunting.

I've found a fabulous source!
Go poke around on their site. They have tons of inspiration!

{interior design: Katie Ridder}

{Interior Design: Timothy Whealon Interiors via Veranda}

I love the really big ones in tiny moldings.

Majesty Maps & Prints has a wonderful ~ inspiration vault ~

Image found Little Augury via Katie Did

I LOVE the paneled screen with the maps!
I've got a simple antique screen that has never been utilized other
than to hide junk in my junk room studio. We found it in New England
and I removed the yucky old fabric covered panels and always intended to
paint the wood I replaced them with, but I love the map idea better!

I also LOVE how they've framed these old pages and hung
them with no space between.

...It's beautiful here too...

{Bronxville Townhouse: Cheryl Tague}

I followed all the links and emailed for 
the maps I'd be over the moon for if they had them for me.
So whether they had small or large, I've got plenty of ideas now.

{Metropolitan Home via ElleDecor}

{interior image House Beautiful via Trouvais}

The collage of Italy is CRAZY FABULOUS!

And so is this chair, not to mention the chart with the 
measuring thingy drawn on it. 

(I know, it's a mechanical drawing compass, but I like thingy better.)
We've also got some wonderful leather trunks @ RRA

So, if you love to travel and have special places that have meant THE WORLD to you, is there a better way to remind you daily of your trip? This is also a wonderful idea for an anniversary gift. HandyHusband doesn't read my blog very often (only when I remind him to), so I can tell you I'm hoping my hunt is over by our anniversary in June. I'm off to The Map Shop on East Morehead in Charlotte to see what they have. Martha's Vineyard (where we got engaged), Massachusetts/Rhode Island Coastline (every summer of our life together), Kenya (our honeymoon), Madrid (visited  PrettyStuff while she was abroad... I know I run the risk of her snatching that one right off the wall, but it would also be a pretty special heirloom, right?).

Don't forget about helping me find my wallpaper too!

many crush hugs to Chic Coles for posting the link to Majesty Maps & Prints!


  1. Oh I love these!! I have always loved vintage maps as artwork. Love that you have decided to use them in your home.

  2. Beautiful !!! I love the wall paper, and the Italy map and the paneled screen...;

  3. So gorgeous! What a lovely collection of images.


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