Monday, February 6, 2012

Keeping Me Straight . . .

Where would I be without my blogging buddies? 
In the funny farm apparently.
My bestie @ Beadboard Upcountry (to only mention one)
just called me out on the dented "Wiley Coyote" pillow in a previous post. 
Seems my pillow denting habit got more attention than my little chair.
Others were more subtle...
"hmmm, love your chair, but what kind of amimal is on your pillow?"
Some were kinder and said they didn't want to wait
for window treatments or pillows to see more of the room.
They are aware of how slow I am or were hoping that the next
picture would reveal the mystery pillow more clearly.'s a peek at the corner.

...a little bit of this and a little bit of that... back to the dog pillow...

They are a little wierd looking, aren't they?
I love needlepoint pillows, so I guess I paid more attention
to them matching my palate than I did the dogs and y'all, they were on sale!
Yes, THEY, I have two of these weird looking dogs so there's no turning back.
ALL SALES FINAL blowout sale @ Rooney's...Impulse?

Buy now, ask later? What are they? Collies?

I made this one myself, he lives on couch for now,
but he's desperately lonely. I need to make about 4 more pillows.
But there are people ahead of me on that list!
I really need to sit down for an entire day to make just pillows!

Mom gave me this one for Christmas.
I think she may have heard HH complaining about the naked couch...
This one's for my Beadboard Upcountry Texas gal!

I have a thing for Needlepoint AND Cows.
...Here's my other two favorite cows in the house...

Now, I won't even get started on my antler problem collection.
...Another post of another day...

Thanks for keeping me straight y'all!


  1. YOU ROCK Sister!!!!!!! Thanks for the cow pillow dedication...xo But I love the one you did yorself it is such an artwork petitepointe? and the braids jute, and what an expression....
    Ok pay back time the dogs are I think A Borzoi Russian but with a Collie like nose,,,, and the other an Afghan Hound....Both very noble and fabulous dogs...... This is totally off the subject, but tomorrow night begins the Westminister dog show fron New York, we always watch it.... Two nights in a row..... You will see the dogs in your pillows... In all their glory...... xo Maryanne;)

  2. hahahaha Maryanne, I don't know my dogs, just know my stitches! Gonna have to plug in a tv and watch the dog show. Maybe it will make me feel good about my pillows. Maybe they will win and i can sell my pillows on ebay :D xoxoxo I need a trip to Texas!

  3. OOPs! I was so excited I couldn't spell..... But I just looked it up, the Westminister dog show is the 13th and 14th. I love the way your room turned out. The funny thing is the dogs are already staying in the best New York hotels....So when you walk down the street you'll see the guys on your beautiful pillows.
    Thanks for the cow dedication......xo Maryanne

  4. Kind of in love......... no VERY in love! :)

  5. Love your cushions, one definitely Borzoi the other is more like a Saluki than Afghan Hound :@ All sight hounds all very elegant!

  6. It's all beautiful. You're making me want to start a needlepoint collection. Like I need another collection!
    I also love cow paintings. And your bee logo is cool. I'm wanting to paint a wood sign with a bee silhouette on it. That's on the "to-do" list. After seeing your blog, I'm more motivated to get on that bee sign.
    I'm off to check out your other blogs and your daughter's too!

  7. I don't think they are weird, I totally dig the dog pillows


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