Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Love The Shrug ! Love Oscar . . .

PrettyStuff showed me this first glimpse of the Oscar Runway
posted earlier today by OscarPRGirl.
She's beautiful, the dress is beautiful, but
all I could see was the hole in her fishnets...

Of course I couldn't stand not knowing if they taped it shut
before she hit the runway, so I went straight to
to look for the whole show.

By the time I saw this photo on the slideshow,
I had forgotten all about the hole in her fishnets...
It's still there, but I found lots more to 
obsess over...

First of all...fishnets on almost every model. I LOVE THEM!
I've always worn the DKNY nude ones as
an option to bare legs...LOVE THEM!

I adore this dress!
I love how ladylike it is.
Not spray-painted on for sexy.
Anybody, any age could wear this dress.

Oscar always brings pink down the runway.
But I LOVE THE HAIR in this show!

But let's be honest.
We all know that what I'm looking for when
I watch these shows is something I can
Use my Southend Hobo Bag charts to GET THE LOOK!
I'll write this up ASAP!

...This one too...
So similar to my Bow-Peep pattern 
that just came off my needles. I honestly
just promised a friend that I would add a Turtleneck 
option to that pattern when I typed it up!

When I met Oscar last spring, 
surely we exchanged some sort of telepathic knit wave!

runway photos by Yannis Vlamos/


  1. everything that came down his runway was a showstopper in my opinion....
    oh to have unlimited funds....


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