Tuesday, April 17, 2012

All Roads Lead to Everlane !

{If my name was Oprah, you would find one of these under your computer right now!}

My friend Kristen emailed tonight and asked if my 
Everlane Post was the real deal or "is it a scam?"

I'm wearing my free T-shirt as I type this.
"How can they do that... just give away T-shirts?"

Because I, for one blogger, can GUARANTEE you 
that you will order more and more and more!
I'm just sitting here waiting for size and color restocking
so I can load my shopping cart and take advantage 
of my free shipping reward. 

I can't wait to watch this line develop, 
and to see what they add to their line next. 

(A wee note about sizing... I'm an official small, but sometimes order mediums cuz I like 'em slouchy. In the WOMEN'S V, I ordered a Small... next time, I'll get a Medium. It's slim, but not skin tight through the body. In the RYAN POCKET T I ordered an XS and it fits PERFECTLY SLOUCHY! My new FAVORITE T! Notice the longer sleeve length... it's different in a very boyfriendishly girly way. I love it! Bye-Bye James Perse!)

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