Friday, April 13, 2012

Bookcase Style . . .



Vintage Books

My bookshelves are bursting but I can’t resist buying more books — especially old vintage fashion and design books. -Habitually Chic

Thanks for letting me your featured contributor for February!  It was a fun month!
{image: Habitually Chic}

I love the color coordination in this bookcase!
And love the little mirror hanging from the shelf.
HandyHusband and I have a little obsession with mirrors.
I've got a few little ones...
I think I should take them off the wall
and put them on a bookcase.

Right after I saw this picture today on Design Darling,
I got the itch for some new books with great spines.
Then, I went rummaging through my Crush Cul de Sac Archives...

...I found stacks 'n stacks of Interiors with stacks 'n stacks of books...

{via Lilipage}

...Great Bookcases with GREAT ideas for Accessories...

via Color Outside the Lines

So, whether you're using books for elevation in a tablescape...

via Casa Tres Chic

or propping them up on your desk with memories,
I can't think of any interior accessory that
expresses your personality more.

sofa in front of shelves…..

via Eclectic Revisited Facebook
{via CrushCuldeSac: EclecticRevisited - where's she go?}

New apartment vignette.

bar cart turned bookshelf
{via BHG}

Veranda Magazine via Design Chic

via Antique Shops & Designers 

I love the style of that portrait and the way it hangs on the bookcase!

via {RUE Magazine}

Charlotte Moss

via {Sacramento Street}

via Velvet & Linen


I am thoroughly depressed now. 
I need a b'zillion books to stuff, turn backwards, stack, and cover...
I think I need some fun new bookcase clutter & shine too!

While I was pouting over the beautiful stacked books,
I found these sparkly things in Design Darling's online Boutique.
Love the lacquer tray, quartz bookends, votive,
and the amethyst rock is calling my name!

I think I've created a weekend of moving stuff around.
How about you? Gonna shuffle your stuff?
I can't leave a bookcase post without this image.
If you don't have one, paint one.

ysvoice:| ♕ |  Alasdair Gray drawing  | by wil_freeborn | via 60rpm


  1. Champagne! I have that little gold mirror in the top picture - the glass broke a few years ago so it's in need of a little love and repair! Love seeing it on Crush Party! xo, Lib

  2. LIB! Will you see my reply? We need to get together! Are you knitting at all? Call me sometime and we'll go fetch some vittles :D

  3. Well fancy mother had something to say about the very same post. Anyway, I say LEAVE the mirrors on your wall - I love them there! Just search for some new ones :)

  4. MK!! You're talking about the OG collection in the family room right? They are there to stay, but are now all mixed with a bunch of my Staffordshire. After you guys went off to school, the family room started a transformation. I'm not finished, but come see it when you get home! Had to shake out the Friday afternoon boys' club and the bad remnants of Rushy :( I do hope you'll swing by sometime this summer, I think you'll dig it! xov

  5. Well this is fun! Not much knitting going on these days but lots of projects are lined up and waiting!
    What are you making!? Would love to see you! And, . . . hi Mary Kate! :) (Mom) xo, Lib


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