Monday, April 9, 2012

A Closer Look . . .

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are they cute or what?!!

"Designer and founder Stephanie Housley is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design. She has been living and working in New York as a textile designer, specializing in woven fabrics. Stephanie spends several months out of the year in India, designing textile collections. Her experiences with textiles and crafts in her travels have inspired her unique and sensitive handling of color and surfaces. Stephanie started Coral & Tusk in 2007 with her husband Chris Lacinak." ~ from their website ~

{images from Coral & Tusk by Kate Lacey}

Look closely...
they're all hand-stitched on linen!
Closer... see the whale in the pocket... the little crab!
SO wonderful!

These amazing pocket pillows are by Coral & Tusk and 
I discovered them in Selvedge Dry Goods.
When I saw this feather one...yep,
 the to-do list just took a hit!

I'm smitten with the feathers on Selvedge,
but when I hit Google and landed on Coral & Tusk's website, 
there was so much more to love!


The Pirate Patch kills me!!! LOVE! 
Every little boy needs a Pirate's Patch!

From the Lucky White Elephant handtowel to the sparklers, 
I am totally smitten!

Click over to their website and make a wish list!
I don't think we can have his sweatshirt,
but this hedgehog scarf might make it into my cart!

(Guilty as charged... just checked out and sitting by my mailbox!)
I think I should have ordered a pirate patch too, oh no!

I borrowed all of the images for my collages from their website.
If you borrow them, please link to Coral & Tusk as well.

Note to people: My scarf arrived and I'm thinkin' I'm pretty cute! I mean the scarf know. FYI, it's a little darker color than it appears online. Kind of a dark khaki/tanish color. I will sport this year-round like a necklace! Love my hedgehog!


  1. OMG!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THESE. Thanks for posting. Xoxo

  2. How darn adorable!! Thanks so much for the introduction to their product & company...popping over right now to check them out.



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