Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Confessions . . .

This is why I scroll.
and scroll...and scroll!

For months I've been painting a bookcase/media cabinet that HandyHusband built for the family room re-do. Each phase has been a painful one for this cabinet. HandyHusband's dyslexia got the pieces all flipped around when he installed a drawer for CDs and that was a tearful discovery when he so proudly brought it home and tried to put it together. (Picture HH in the floor, on his back, with a tear rolling toward his ear.) But it all worked out. Back to the workshop, corrections were made, but it was now my turn on the project. I decided it needed to be "decoratively" painted, distressed and glazed. 

Unfortunately, I'm still on the decoratively painted's a pain!
It takes hours and hours. I'm pleased so far, but I was stuck!
Until I saw the image above this morning on PLAID!
Do you follow their blog? YOU SHOULD!

Images above were gathered from Benjamin Moore by PLAID!
Benjamin Moore Color stories are also a good follow!
Base Molding, HERE I COME!

{sneak peek: I told you he was handy!}


  1. Wow! It looks sooooo great!

    1. thanks Reeve! it is a labor of love. I sure hope I don't screw it up. HH will kill me! xo


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