Friday, May 25, 2012

Instagram @ Work !

I took a few minutes at the end of the day to play with Instagram!
I snapped lots of my favorite things @ WORK.
If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you've already seen these, 
so b'bye, but if not...

It would make a great gift for BeatDropping
but not sure how it would fair in a dorm room...
(note to self: buy now, save for later : )

I've been batting my eyelashes at HandyHusband to get him
to convert the armoire in the family room into a bar.
If I succeed, I believe I'll have to bring home a decanter or two...or three.
This bamboo chest really needs to live in my guestroom and since I
slip-covered those dining chairs, well, I think they should live with me too.
Anne and I put the same fabric on that lovely bench and I've
always wanted an old bottle tree!

That insanely beautiful secretary has a nickname...Harry Potter.
It's beautiful. The green bullseye glass in the doors is so unique.
When I finish the family room details, I think I'll be sneaking the
Staffordshire Poodles onto the mantel and adding to my
clock face collection.
The porcelain tureen is part of a pretty big collection.
I want it all, but I'm willing to share it with PrettyStuff!

Need vs. Want 
Always an issue around here!
Zebra figurines: WANT, Garden Stool: NEED,
Oyster Plates: WANT, Ladder Shelf: NEED,
Green Confit Pot: WANT

We have a pair of these Imari fish and they are KILLER!
As hot as orange is these days, I honestly can't believe they lasted
more than a day in the shop...think Aqua beach house with orange
Hermes blanket on the sofa and those fish on your coffee table!
I adore this roof tile lamp and the book lamp is a great guy gift!
Anne and I fight over that bamboo table and our newest treasure
is this incredible late 18th century needlepoint barley twist chair!

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