Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Under the Spell !

There is something about Summer that brings out the Hippie Girl in me!
So every year on the 20th or the 21st of June, 
(PrettyStuff and I just learned that the day switches!)
drag out my long flowy linen skirt, my favorite ragged jeans,
my favorite giant linen overalls and lots of old jewelry.

This year, 
I'm a wee bit smitten with 
If it would not cost me $40 bucks in shipping
to get these leggings in my mailbox, 
they would be 



!I tell ya!

My mom just sent me an adorable bohemianish dress 
and I think these need to be under it!
Should I do it?

(or stay married - handyhusband would freak over the shipping!)

I'll let you know if I cave!
In the meantime, I hope this first day of Summer
finds you under a wonderful spell as well.
And if you spy any amazing leggings 
that won't cost me my legs to get them here,
please comment with a link, please!

It's a NEED and a WANT!

All of these images are from SPELL & THE GYPSY COLLECTIVE.
You can also find them on 
Follow them 
In any way that suits you, 
but expect it to bring out your flower child.
...PEACE  Y'ALL...


  1. I get hippied out in the summer, too! Lots of flowy skirts, maxi dresses and oversized jewelery. YAY for summer!

  2. Me too! Love summer maxi dresses, sandals, beads, sunglasses, head scarves. Love summer!


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