Saturday, June 30, 2012

You Are What You Eat . . .

Want to stay forever young?
Eat Up!

Image: David Fuller

My email box is always full of useful posts by other amazing bloggers.
I can honestly say I'm addicted to my inbox morning routine.
Nothing I read this morning mentioned my coffee.
They didn't say it was good, and they didn't say it was bad, so...
I'm stickin' to it so I don't kill anyone, but here are a few
things I plan to ramp up.

I clicked over to Refinery 29 today to read up on what should be in my grocery buggy. They listed the 10 top Food Beauty Secrets according to Dermatologist/Nutritionist Dr. Nicholas Perricone and Nutritionist Cynthia Sass. I do have to admit that I didn't learn anything that HandyHusband hasn't been preaching for years, so to honor him and his healthy ways, I'm going to make a grocery list... Join me:

Image: Sharon Stone by Firooz Zahedi


Images: Lettuce Box: Michelle Smith
Personal Illustration for Charlotte Latin School Cookbooks, Veggies: Gilt Taste 

Brighten up your skin by eating lots of fruits and veggies!

Image: Wiola Kowal, Marie Claire Turkey, Dec 2010

And there will be no need to check your flawless complexion
in the silverware if you order the Salmon.

Images: Siri Tollerod, Olive Oil: Market Day Organics

If you want that beautiful dewy look, 
make sure you're piling on the Extra Virgin Olive Oil!
And PrettyStuff says Spanish Olive Oil is the best!

Can't Sleep? 
You need to fix that cuz the youth hormone is released while sleeping!
Add foods rich in Amino Acid Tryptophan like Salmon, Halibut, 
Turkey, Beans and Lentils.

Images: Lemons WhiteOnRiceCouple, Fashion Annabelle Fleur 

When life gives you lemons...EAT 'EM!
Lemons and tart Citrus are natural diuretics and detoxifying agents.

Sacha in the kitchen Photograph: Olivia da Costa
Cutting Board: Penny De Los SantosElephant: Scott Michaels

Cooked Tomatoes and Olive Oil boost Pro-Collagen. 
This is good news; Italian is my favorite!
The Lycopene in tomatoes is at its highest when they've been cooked,
and the olive oil boosts absorption.

Image: BurdaStyle

Under-eye Circles?
 Me neither (yet), but I love a good orange!
And just saw this recipe for Honey Ginger Broiled Grapefruit.

Image: Sheridan French

Dull Hair? 
Let's fix that with Protein, Healthy Fat and Omega 3 rich foods.
HandyHusband's going to love this!
(and click that link to buy that cute Sheridan French Dress!)

Recipes: Easy Sweet Potato Veggie Burger w/ AvocadoGranola: Gluten-Free Pumpkin Granola
Recipe: Asparagus w/ Sesame Seeds

Want to combat Weight Gain? 
Add Avocados, Nuts and Seeds!
I can live with an avocado on just about anything and
I love finding new Granola recipes with lots of nuts and seeds.
Sesame is one of my favorites for granola and veggie dishes.

The Scoop on Nuts

Photo: Emmanuella BrissonFruit & Yogurt Salad Recipe

Sensitive, easily irritated skin can be combatted with YOGURT!
Rich in probiotics, it promotes better digestion and 
reduces skin inflamation. This Yogurt Salad recipe kills more than one
bird with its ingredients so have a second helping!

Images: Zebra Jean Marc Dieu 2006AuxLakeKennels
Yoga James Wvinner

Not included in Refinery 29's list, but always mentioned is, 
of course, HYDRATE and MOVE! It baffles me why these two are the 
hardest for me. Everyone that knows me knows I H.A.T.E. "organized"
exercise (I only love my hula hoop!) and my drink of choice is TAB.
I know I need to get with the program and walk the walk, and
I mean really WALK the WALK! 
...I'll try harder...
And since I can't walk on my hands,
look what I just found!
...ARM HOOP...
(note to self: order this!)

Want to know more?
Here's a link to Dr. Nicholas Perricone's Book: Forever Young


  1. My Mom will not shut up about getting a hula they work?!

    1. YES!YES!YES! Get the hoop! I've added a link to mine. Your mom is so tiny she might get a little sore or bruised at first but it's great! Turn the music up and HOOP! Patterson even said it was fun. She could NEVER hula when she was little, with a regular hoop, but it's easier somehow with a weighted one. Y'all get one, no two, cuz you'll want to take it back to school with you!!! You'll start a craze on the mountain!!

  2. Thank you so much for the reminder! I can't seem to stick to any of these!! Great post!

    1. Leslie! me neither! >:[ HH makes me stick to the salmon thing and it appears it is a cure all for whatever else that might kill ya! xoxo

  3. i can't believe i've been looking at your crush cul de sac after party all this time and never knew you had a blog. the images you gather are my absolute favorite in all the wonderful world of blogs. so now i get words with your images. yay!

    ps - nice to meet you, i'm janet.:)

    1. Nice to meet you toooo! Off to check you out :D xoxo

  4. Love these bags they are art themselves!! Hope all is well with you!


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