Friday, July 13, 2012

In The Bag @ Rooney Robison !

Stuffed Animals by Natasha Fadeeva, Paper Birkins

We've reordered our beaded handbags and clutches
@ Rooney Robison Antiques
I could not resist re-posting the collages.
Sorry if you follow me on both places!
I'm so tempted to make myself one of the Paper Birkins!
So funny!!!!

Istanbul TilesOyster BucketAmerican White Pelican

  Turquoise Beaded Silk Handbag: $90 
...pictured above...

Color Pencil Shavings, Model: Siri Tollerod

But hurry, this one's on Rooney's wish list!
...pictured above and below...

Roof Tiles, OHOY Wallpaper, Valentino Fall 2012

I adore this little box! It's my all-time favorite!
Of course it is...GREYYYY!
 Tiny Beaded "Box" with Beaded Shoulder Strap: $90 ❖
...pictured above and below...

Artwork: Daniel Egneus, Zhanna T(Photographer: Pelle Crepin for Fashion Gone Rogue)

Pearl Dress: Champagne MakerGreat Tie Guy: Hercules Magazine/Photographer Doug Inglish
Gold Dress: Marios Schwab Fall2011

And this one might is the shop's new favorite!
❖ Beaded Gold Handbag with Chain Handle: $160 ❖
...pictured above and below...

Watercolor: Clare Caulfield, Model

Kirsten Dunst by David Armstrong for A Magazine S/S2012, Hunt Scene: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec Hunting

Beaded Bracelet Handbag: $275 ❖
...pictured above and below...

Palate: Flickr-Phoebe Doan  Hallway Photo: Sarah Hogan

Crab, Model: Abbey Lee Kershaw, Boat: Paige Baird on Flickr

❖ Beaded Embroidered Clutch: $130 ❖
...pictured above and below...

Models: USVogue by David Sims, Cable Car Image: Lisbon, Portugal
Globe: Nicholas Stevenson, Model: Anthropologie

Model: Skye Stracke by Kayt Jones for Elle RussiaPacific Sea-Maid

This one's perfect for your favorite Mermaid!
❖ Beads and Shells  A Perfect Summer Clutch: $290 ❖
...pictured above and below...

WindChime, Grasshopper: Maria Sibylla Merian, Pearl Image: LongForgotten/ETSY
Model: VOGUE - Alexander McQueen S/S2010

Beading: CWonder on Pinterest, Degas: by Marjoriesalu/Flickr

(Hurry, I've got eye on this one! I think PrettyStuff and I could share!)
Beads & Sequins  Handbag with Beaded Shoulder Strap: $145 
...pictured above and below...

A Classic Beaded Silver Clutch: $95 ❖
...pictured above...

And is that the cutest lip dress you've ever seen?
Note to self: MAKE THIS ASAP

Also, PrettyStuff just messaged me that Claire Danes 
is shopping in Southend RIGHT NOW!
Hope she comes by the shop with Morena Baccarin!! :D

Turquoise Beaded Silk Clutch: $100 ❖
...pictured above and below...

Background: VIGILISMUrban Growth Strategy ETSY, Model: Madewell, Vintage Anchor

Brand new beaded bag? Don't leave home without it!
We hope you're having a wonder summer.
It's HOT, but our AC is all tuned up!
Please stop in for a visit or send us a message 
if you need us to hold, ship or hide one of these bags for you. 
We can't help book your summer vacation, but we can help you pack!

Follow me @ Rooney Robison Antiques for Antique Interior Inspiration! 

...Ok, back to work...


  1. Love these bags they are art themselves!! Hope all is well with you!

    1. @SegretoSecrets Don'tcha just want to hang them on the wall?! Not a bad idea actually. There's a beautiful wall of "art handbags" on the wall @ our Neiman Marcus. I've always wanted to make some little bag sculptures to recreate the idea in my home. hmmm We have a mobile wall in the shop maybe we should put them on the wall! hmmm Thanks Leslie! I need you with my coffee every morning! All's well, but time moves too quickly...need a time freezer! xov

  2. Thank you so much for the reminder! I can't seem to stick to any of these!! Great post!


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